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Did the ancient Maya have a good civilizatiom?

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    wtf is a 'civilizatiom'?

  • 3 weeks ago

    They can't see the figures in clock or the next several inter'lewd'ing Epi'sods which the locals blinded the maker of the original in Prague now in Strasbourg. (A cord in to scriptures) - 19. "Moksha is not anything to be got afresh for it is already there only to be realised.

    18. "Moksha (liberation) is not to be sought in heavens or on earth or in the nether regions. It is synonymous with Self-Realization.

    The double entendre minded after fornication and profligacy change thier names via deep hole, thus are Bog'Us 

    They became taken by the thoughts and images  -  Sometimes it can take a generation or even several after certain reprehensible activities are consecrated.

    Then they discuss Maya unawares of keeping death alive and being in it eat flesh with flies. He's called Duran.

    You watch his movie (Thinking your watching a Movie), while he makes what seems to be real suffer via an eye which mirrors it's self thinking the mirror you comb your hair in is real. 

    83. "Just as the magician's tricks delude the audience alone and not himself, so also the veiling of Maya affects the creatures and not the creator; when the individuals held in the meshes of Maya, see diversity and also discuss Maya

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    3 weeks ago

    Pulling the beating hearts out of victims as part of "official" public policy, isn't a good civilization.  It is worthy of being destroyed, and it was destroyed.

  • 3 weeks ago

    As long as you were not one of the people sacrificed to their gods.

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