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How much reparations do they want? Couple hundred? Couple thousand? Or never have to work again?

And it's sad but no matter how much we give them, when they smoke it all away, they'll come up with some other scam to divide the American people

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    African Countries bares the responsibility for reparation in the form of a an independent sovereign territory the size of Puerto Rico or Hispaniola in Africa for Africans (Arab & Sub Saharan) stealing the territorial lands from those they sold to the middle East, N. Africa, India, Brazil, Caribbean, & the USA. Liberia (reparation for freed slave to determine their own destiny, make their own laws, trade, & manage land) & Haiti failed, but with the talented tenth in charge the New Land Sovereign territory can & will Rival Israel, Malta, Brunei. They can do it, but it will take all of Sub Saharan descent in the Americas sacrifice & hard work to make the Economy & Sovereign work. They can call it Wakanda, & with China's help it can look like Wakanda. If the Confederate states had won secession then the slaves victoriously rebelled, then the Confederate states would be obliged to give up power, territorial control, property & even women to ravage like in Haiti's revolution.

    Professor Dyson have been demanding for a reparation law for over a decade. Dyson's demand is for non-sub Saharan babies to set up reparation account which is consent for Sub Saharan descent to bully & enslave non-sub Saharan. Prop. Dyson's claims that all people of European lineage inherited the legacy of Slavery. Despite Dyson's claims, what people of Europeans lineage inherited were the Magna Carta, Constitutional Law, Bill of Rights that started with the U.S. Constitutions for which Some Non European/Europeanized Sovereigns had adopted for them selves & led to the Abolition of Slavery. The Global Abolition of Slavery Started with European descent from the Late 1700s to the late 1800s. In the US it was the Quakers along with the Anabaptist that started the abolition movement that was achieved in 1864. Brazil, Cuba, & Others followed in 1890s. The Union states having won the war against the rebel states abolished slavery. Since the founding of the U.S.A half of the U.S. had been anti-slavery, but had to work with the slave state for independence, strength & protection from possible foreign threats abroad or across land borders. When the confederate secede all bets were off. Independence is the ultimate reparation as independence enables one or a sovereign determine & control its own destiny instead of homestead or land grants. Independence gives full control & use of the Sovereign's territory. Abolishing slavery & Liberia were reparation. All the entitlements that came after such as public schooling, welfare, section 8, & Affirmative Action... are beyond reparation.

    The people most likely taxed are Immigrants who arrived in the U.S. after abolition of Slavery. China, Japan, Indo Chinese, Eastern Europe, Oceana did not participate in the East Arabian Slave trade, however India, Sri Lanka, & possibly Bangladesh & Pakistan did. Would free Sub Saharan descent who owned plantations & an army of slaves going to receive reparation, what about mulattos. Some inherited partitions of their European descent fathers' plantation & in some cases inherited the entire plantation & slaves. What about Sub Saharan Immigrants & Refugees (likely descendant of slave traders involved in the trans-Atlantic slave trade), Sub Saharan Descent Caribbean & Sub Saharan Descent South American.

    Most of the recent African Immigrants (Somali (Ilhan Omar), Nigerian, Ghanaian...) are no different from most descendants of slaves their ancestors captured & sold to the East Arabian & Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in taking advantage of the grievance hustle & scams that Booker T. Washington warned of. “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Ne9r0 race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Ne9r0 to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.” Booker T. Washington.

    Who could Booker T. Washington be talking about? BLM, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Kaepernick, DNC... Congoid (D)s are impassionate against the memory of slavery, but affiliates with the party of slavery (D). (D)s donning kente cloth stoles is like draping the Confederate battle flag on their bodies. The kente cloth was created (likely in1800s) by Ashanti kingdom known for raiding villages & rival Kingdoms for slaves to supply the Trans Atlantic & East Arabian Slave Trade showed how ignorant (D) congress are of the Ashanti's role with slavery. The Ashanti, among other tribes, argued against abolition of slavery as it was their god given right to own & trade slaves as dictated by their oracle. The ancient swastika symbol wasn't a symbol of Europid supremacy, but because the NAZI wore the Swastika, believed in Europids supremacy & carried out genocide on Caucasian Jews, it was labeled a symbol of hate.

    The practice of slavery was universally accepted world wide for 10,000+ years. African's, Amerindians, Middle Easterners... committed massacre's to acquire slaves. Abolitionist Shakers, Anabaptist, & (R)s viewed it as something that shouldn't be practiced any longer, while the (D)s viewed it as an accepted practice sanctioned & allowed by god since Biblical Abraham. Both side felt they were in the right, but (R) abolitionist ideals won. Socialist & BLM Supremacist are labeling all descendant of European descent (including arrivals after 1865-2020 half descendent from emancipated serfs) as eternally racist because the Founding Fathers bought slaves from Africans that Europids later emancipated.

    Serfdom, Caste, & Chattel were 3 types of slavery practiced. Serfdom was when the family or clan & their descendants within the land owned by a lord or lords are enslaved by whom ever owns the land or who it falls to. Chattel Slavery is what revisionist claim was exclusive in the Americas only. Chattel Slavery have been practiced in Ancient Rome, the Middle East & Africa before Columbus. In the 7th Century Islam turned the male Congoid Chattel Slaves into eunuchs. Just like in pre-Civil War USA, Slave owners in ancient Rome can free their slaves. In Islam the slave has to convert to Islam, but great exemplary sacrifice to the nation's society was required (militaristic conquest/defense). Trans-Atlantic & East Arabian Slave trade, Arabs, Arabize Congoids, & hunt/gather Congoid Kingdoms or Villages did the dirty work of massacring 1/2-2/3rds of the villages they raid or conquer to obtain the slave. Caste slavery is probably the worst form of slavery where a clan or entire tribe & their descendants are restricted to only one profession for the rest of their lives.

    Congoid Supremacist & Socialist adopted the phrase BLM because it's less threatening than Blk Power!, but still behaves to intimidate & force conformity. If they really want full freedom from Europid Systemic Racism then separation for independence is what they should strive for, not eternal begging & extortion. They can make their own currency, take responsibility & hold themselves accountable to become self reliant, write their own laws, discipline the delinquent, criminal & corrupt element among them by policing themselves, & create jobs or put 40+ millions Congoids to work. No Longer will they chant no justice no peace & blame their incompetence & corruption on Europid people, killing the race grievance industry using racism as an excuse or hide behind to mask their own tribal bigotry, bias, crime & corruption. It'll end affirmative action with high emphasis on merit & discipline.

    When children become of age they are expected to leave & be on their own. It's been 156 years since emancipation. Many exceptional Congoid descent were taught & educated by Europid instructors/professors before integration of schools were mandated such as Katherine Goble Johnson. Merit was a big deal then, but not anymore as public schooling has deteriorated with lackluster teachers, curriculums & 1/3 of students are unwilling to learn than follow a disciplined & honorable lifestyle. After the 60s, athletes, singers, actors, & entrepreneurs have made thousands of Congoid millionaires & some billionaires. Together they can all Finance & invest in an independent sovereign territory the size of Puerto Rico or Puerto Rico itself, enough for 10-15+ million people with skyscrapers 60+ million population is possible, copying the Singapore model (once a tiny backwater nation 1/12 the size of Puerto Rico with a population of 5.7 million gaining independence in 1965 without US aide & loans becoming a modern metropolis in just 30 years).

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    The US Civil War was a war fought between European descents, one trying to preserve the Union & end slavery; the other trying to preserve slavery practiced across the world by all ethnic groups for 10,000+ years. Since the Civil war was financed by Europids (millions spent), 600,000 Europid lives sacrificed, Emancipation of slaves was Given & Not won/earned, & 22 trillion spent to fight poverty to educate & help Congoid communities improve & be self reliant failed, then a territorial area the size of Puerto Rico is more than enough as there were only about 4 million Congoid descent in the end of the Civil War. Liberia was the promised land for freed Congoid US Slaves that's 15x bigger than Puerto Rico & negotiating for 1/3 of Liberia will provide more green space.

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    Nice car you got there pal. 

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    14 trillion. Over 360 million per person and then they will slit your throat.

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    Sadly, I have to agree with you. 

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