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why do I get banned from everything?

Old question but I still want to know why I got banned from every site and every game for no reason / no reply from the mods when i never broke any rules at all

p.s. i know all the short answers and any internet article on this is non existent or had gotten deleted, so please give me a long clear answer 

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    I'm sorry but what has this got to do with Yahoo Answers? If you're getting banned from other gaming sites, take it up with them.

    Otherwise, we can't help you here...

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    We don't know you or anything about your behavior, so there's no way we can answer a question that has nothing to do with Yahoo Answers or your public activity here. If you want to know why a site banned you, contact the admins of that site.

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    Judging by your answers it's only a surprise that you last as long as you do.   Stop whining and being a troll if it bothers you to be held accountable for your own actions.

  • Verizon Media/Yahoo does not ban users only suspend them when they are bad little boys.  You can always open another account and start over with new complaints. 

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