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Covid 19: Homework stress and burnout ?

My brother is in year 9 and will be going into year 10 in September. As I finished university early, I decided to support him and help him with the school work he has been receiving from school online. 

Although we break up this friday, my brother still has a huge amount of work to catch up on. I cant even mention work to him as he so stressed about it and I know that it really gets him down. My brother doesn't want to get into trouble, and I know that it keeps him up at night that he has so much work to complete. 

We have contacted the teachers at school and been told that he is doing more than most. However, my brother barely does anything now as he finds it extremely hard to concentrate (suspecting adhd) .He is really upset about the situation. We have been told he will be fine as he does a bit each day.

My brother is scared that he is going to get into trouble as for some subjects (that did not need work handing in) he hasn't done anything for.

Dear teachers, 


What is the current situation with your students? 

Have you had similar stories? 

I know some students have not completed any school work online - are they going to get in trouble for it? 

Are you going to check each student for what they have done online or are you going to get straight on with teaching and not mention the online homework?

P.s. I know alot of students are very stressed right now, please forgive us if we haven't done much homework our home situation isn't good right now.

Thank you

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