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What are w9 forms for and do I have to do something with it?

I never realized but a mistake was made on the w9 form I signed last year and I haven't been able to contact the employer (they don't answer emails) , I only made $250 and they made me sign the w9. I just recently found out that you have to file self employment tax (even if you don't make enough money to file for taxes) when u get issued a w9 and misc1900 (cuz I got paid more than $600 on a different job). I dont have a work but do I have to include that $250 somehow or can I just ignore it since its under the limit

Again, I'm in school so I don't have to file taxes because I don't make enough

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    Fortunately you don't need the 1099.  You just include the $250 as part of your self-employment income.  $250 is under the limit where they had to send you one anyway.  If you had 10 clients (not employers) and they each paid you $250, you could get anywhere from 0 to 10 1099s.  You would have to report the entire $2500 calculated from your records.

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    the W=9 is for you to fill out your information for your employer, they need it to fill out their paperwork for the IRS

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    You must include it.  It is not under the limit.  The limit is a TOTAL, not per job.  You DO have to file, because you appear to have more than $400 for the year of self employment income.  being in school has no bearing on your obligation to file.  

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