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I do not want to be like my father when I grow up? ?

My father is a great guy who has always been there to help out. The problem is I have no interest in working for the warehouse he works. I have my own interest and found a job doing something else as well as going to college. He demands me to take his advice & follows me when I go see my mentors. I find this to not be normal at all? Is this normal?

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    Are you aware that back 500-600 years ago the the ave. person got their last name, the last name indicated their occupation?  Like if someone had the last name of "Smith" that means their ancestors had been blacksmiths. Or they may have chose the last name of "Black".   Farmers may have chose "Farmer:" as a last name. Also "Brown" was common for farmers.   Cooks chose "Cook" as a last name. 

    Dads taught their occupations to their sons! 

    You dad is being normal.  Now a days kids more often head for their own occupation.  Yet your dad and mom still have their say over you, to teach you, until you are 18. Their responsibility!  Required by Law! 

  • Pearl
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    its your life, do what you want

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    2 months ago

    If you are 18 it's your decision as to whether you allow him to influence your life. What you describe is not normal even for a 15 -16 year old.

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