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How to improve semen count & mobility?

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    How to improve semen count & motility?

    There are ways a man can increase the amount of seminal fluid he ejaculates during orgasm. Doing so has an effect on his sperm’s motility as well. One of the most effective methods involve your diet, yet in reality, it is not always easy to apply.Firstly, to increase semen count and motility you must be dedicated to avoiding foods and beverages that decrease them in the first place. 

    We already know that junk foods, heavy-fat foods, and soda drinks are simply ‘bad’ foods in most situations. So if you are trying to increase your fertility, it is best to absolutely abstain from this type of ‘foods’ (are they even foods to begin with?) 

    Second, after vowing that you will avoid that toxic stuff, you must begin anew with your diet habits. Learn to like healthy foods and if you love cooking, there are many tutorial/recipe videos that can teach you how to cook healthy foods that have a marvelous taste. Who said healthy must mean untasty?

    Third, don’t forget to get plenty of physical activities as well as rest. It’s not necessary to work hard at the gym if it isn’t your thing. As long as you move a lot throughout the day you should be good.

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     The low count of sperms, next to the mobility and the spermatic morphology affects to the quality of the semen and it influences in the male's fertility. These advice can help to improve.  

    Control the weight and make exercise  

    Reduce the estrés levels.  

    Stop to smoke.  

    Avoid the alcohol and other drugs.       

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