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Are those bugs in the new YA profile layout?

 Yahoo doesn't let me see notifications and unblock deleted users anymore.


Also "Join date" is gone.

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    Notifications are located at the top left of the screen, bell icon, or by using this link:  


    The join date may or may not be reinstated. When making changes on the site it's not odd that some functions may not work, temporarily. We'll have to wait and see if any of the missing features are returned to us or not.

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    No. These are NOT new bugs.Yah8oo Verizon has changed the format of the YA activity profile and the YA page. If there is a purple bell icon near the upper right corner, click or ta that to get to your notifications. Your RECENT best answers probably will not be listed. 

    You CAN see your blocked list now and unblock people now. In your 2YA activity profile tap the bar above the?question list and pull it to the left. The blocked persons list tab is?at the far right end. 

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    i hate it whenever they change the layout, the green era layout was the best back in 2007.

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    Notifications in the new Format that they just Released today they took Notifications out 

    As far as not being able to Unblock Deleted users goes that one im not sure of 

    It was just Released today so im gonna have to Study it some more 

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    actually......on my end, in Italy..  I am *now* seeing the new format.......that has corrected many of the "glitches" over the last week. 

    It appears they changed the format layout again, with new graphics. 

    Most things are now working,  so have patience if you are not seeing this yet. 

  • Your notifications will be on the far right between your username and Mail.  It is the purple Bell Icon.  Your block list is on your profile page. Where you see Questions and  Answers there is a grey colored bar you need to pull over to the right to see the block list.  It is there.  Go right from Questions, Answers, Followered Questions, Follower, and then Blocked Users.

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