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I hit my toe with the corner of the bed?

It wasn't the pinky but the index toe. It looked a bit crooked but I can walk and touch it and it doesn't hurt at all. I examined it and nothing feels out of place. My toe is all red and has a white weird spot. This exact same thing happened a long time ago with my wrist, I thought I had broken it but it came back to normal the next day. This is very similar bit I'm not sure. Could it be broken? I can move it normally. It just looks swollen and has a weird white very little bump on the side like my wrist did. Could it just be the tendon? What should i do? Should i just leave it?


I forgot to mention that when I bent my toe the first time it did crack but then nothing happened and I could move my toe normally with no cracking.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    It’s definitely broken 

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