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What does Ryuta mean in japanese?

Can someone tell my what ryuta means in Japanese I’d like to use it for a character but I want to know the meaning behind the name first so does anyone know

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  • Ben
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    4 weeks ago

    Luna is technically correct, however Ryuta (りゅた) is not a real name. I suspect you mean Ryuuta りゅうた (often double vowels are romanised as just a single vowel, even though the difference is actually quite important).

    Ryuuta is a boy's name and can be written:

    隆太 (noble or prosperous, and wide, broad or fat)

    柳太 (Willow, and same as above)

    竜太 or 龍太 (Dragon, and same as above) 

    流太 (flow, and same as above)

    太 (ta) is a common ending for boy's names. I guess it probably originated as something of a wish the for them to grow up big and strong (broad-shouldered and all that)?

  • 4 weeks ago

    琉太 (りゅた , Ryuta)

    琉 means: precious stone, gem, lapis lazuli. 

    太 means: plump, thick, big around.

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