What are my rights regarding property protection (Canada), specifically if I rigged a bike lock to shock thieves?

I live in a sub-urban neighborhood and we've been hit with thefts - car b&e's, stolen tools, stolen patio furniture, stolen bikes (3 bikes since January) - all items locked up with security chains and the thieves just keep on coming and helping themselves despite the locks we use to protect our property (everything was either in our carport or backyard). My question is, if I were to booby trap a chain lock to give a substantial (but not lethal) electrical jolt to someone who tries to take a bolt cutter to it - am I allowed to do something like this in order to protect my property? 

We already have motion lights and security cameras - the police haven't done much to help us. 

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    You have the right to be shocked by your own trap. The thieves won't be shocked.

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