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Do TMJ symptoms appear in less than a week?

My mid-40’s aged mother has TMJ and explains it’s symptoms as having a tender jaw when she just starts eating, jaw clicking when opening wide, jaw pain, etc. I just started having a painful jaw when chewing and it will not close on the right side without extreme pain. No clicking or other common TMJ symptoms. I’m going to the dentist/orthodontist Tuesday to get an x-ray, but this doesn’t seem like it would be TMJ. I’m an 18 year old male and I take very good care of my teeth. I’m worried it might be jaw cancer or something. Any ideas as to what it could be other than TMJ?


These symptoms popped up over the course of only two days and after four days it’s severe. Last week I felt completely normal, painless, and healthy.

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    Please try *not* to panic.  The pain may be from a tooth infection (abscess) or TMJ, for instance.  You're going to the dentist on Tuesday, so an x-ray should be given, especially to rule out a tooth abscess (infection), for instance.  

    Even if one does have a tooth abscess, it's usually very treatable by having root canal therapy (usually from an endodontist).  

    With regard to those who have TMJ, a bite guard (or "jaw splint") and/or physical therapy (PT) may help.  Before possibly getting PT, one would need to get a referral from a dentist, for instance.  Perhaps you can also mention to your mother to consider a physical therapist who is trained in Rocabado treatment (which is the last name of the PT who teaches such therapy techniques).

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