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why couldn't Germany's Weimar Republic last?  did the political instability lead to economic instability or vice versa?

also, when, why did the economy crash? when did one see people pushing wheelbarrows of money around? is that really true or just some did that for show? why waste your time with that ? i would rather just steal if things were that ridiculous?

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    The economy crashed first and led to political instability.

    The reparations imposed on Germany in the Treaty of Versalles which officially ended WWI was very harsh on Germany.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The harsh conditions f/ the Treaty of Versailles, the Great Depression and too many political parties all contributed to the collapse. Desperate people take desperate measures.

  • Anonymous
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    Germany owed a lot of money

    Germany printed currency to pay that 

    Inflation and worthless currency made the economy collapse

    People said "this sucks" 

    Then this guy named Adolf came along and said: "Hey, I can fix all this" 

    The Germans said "cool" and put him in charge. 

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