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Financial Power of Attorney?

My mom is the icu and on a ventilator for Covid. I am her POA. I went to the bank so I can begin paying bills on her behalf. She has credit cards that are not issued by this bank. 

How do I pay her credit card bills when: 

1. I don’t know what credit cards she has. 

2. The bank statements do not show them but the last 4 digits. 

3. I don’t have access to her yahoo email to see any communication from credit card companies.

Thank you in advance for any help. Greatly appreciate it.

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    A financial power of attorney (POA) is a legal document that grants a trusted agent the authority to act on behalf of the principal-agent in financial matters. The former is also referred to as the attorney-in-fact while the principal-agent is the person who grants the authority.

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    Go to her home and look check the mail, etc and find the actual bills.  

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    I'm sorry to hear that she is ill.  

    If she is like most older people, she probably receives virtually all of her bills in the mail, rather than electronically.  I assume you can pick up her mail.  Within a month you will have received bills from each of her credit cards that she is actively using (there's no need to worry about any cards she wasn't using, at least for now).  When you receive the bills, write a check for each.  Keep a spreadsheet showing each account as you receive the bill, how much the balance is, and what you paid (hopefully you can pay them in full).

    The spreadsheet (you can use Excel or paper) will (a) show you the status of each account, (b) will show her the status, when she hopefully recovers, and (c) show any third-party (the banks, etc.) that you are honestly and thoughtfully working in your mother's best interests.

    If she sadly does not recover, this paperwork will be the starting point for settling her accounts.

    If it turns out she was managing her accounts electronically and you can't get into the accounts, after several months of not receiving payments, the companies will start to send her paper mail demands for payments.  At that point you can contact the companies, explaining the situation, and asking that they henceforth send all bills and correspondence in paper form, so that you can see them.

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    You probably can't unless you can find her old statements. Or if you know who issued them and you send them the POA they might tell you.

    If she had billpay set up at that bank the links should be there. 

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    The bank statements will probably have either the name of bank that issued the cards or the phone number of that bank (or both).  Try calling them.

    Look through her regular mail (U.S. mail) to see if there are any credit card bills.

    Look through her wallet and worse to try to find the credit cards.  The front should have the card number (all the digits).  The back should have the name, address, and phone number for the bank that issued them.

    Get her credit report.  Most of her credit card accounts should be listed.

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