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Can you use soap to clean out a fish tank?

First of all, I’m cleaning it out completely. It’s a 10 gallon that I plan on using for hermit crabs. Previously it had fish in it and there was a slight algae problem. I feel as though the soap could harm the crabs. If so, what is an alternative I can use?

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  • 1 month ago

    You can use a bleach solution of one part bleach to 10 parts water.  Do not let anything soak for more then 15 minutes, especially the sylicone on the tank. then rinse well. and let dry for 24-48 hours,

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    1 month ago

    Use dawn dish soap.  Once it is clean - rinse - rinse - rinse - rinse - and rinse some more.

    As long as you rinse the tank carefully and completely until you can't smell soap or see suds - the tank is safe again.  

    Dawn dish soap is actually used on wildlife to clean small animals that have been caught in oil spills or other kinds of disasters that require the animal to be cleaned to save it.  If a small animal can be cleaned in Dawn - then it should be safe to clean a tank that a small animal is going to live in as long as you make sure it is completely rinsed away afterwards.  

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