Why are male humans the only male animal that are expected to be chivalrous towards their female counterparts?

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    Humans have not always been monogamous. In fact, our anatomy and physiology suggest that we evolved to be promiscuous, meaning both males and females have multiple sex partners throughout most of our evolutionary history. Anatomically, human males are the only primates without a penile bone, and we have the longest penis of any primate both in terms of absolute size and in proportion to body length. Gorillas in contrast have a penis smaller than the chimps. Gorilla males prevent other males from having sex with their harems, but chimpanzees live in groups of multiple males and they cooperate in defense of the group and in hunting monkeys. If they fight over females, then they won't be able to bond with each other for group defense. As a result they need a longer penis than the gorillas to put sperms close to the uterus to have a reasonably good chance of fathering young. Females mate with multiple males to make sure they do not harm their young. Male lions do the same, they cooperate in defense of their pride and the males do not fight over females. 

    If we look at current society, we find that most of them promote monogamy. If humans evolved to be promiscuous then why did we change and became monogamous? We can find the reason by looking at nature. Whenever male parental care is provided in nature, males demand monogamy. they do not want to be cuckolds by raising other male's young. Male birds will abandon females if they see the females mating with other males. In some cases, the male may destroy the eggs the female lays instead of caring for them, even if he does not abandon her. He waits until after the eggs are laid to mate with her and then he cares for those eggs that fertilized by him. So, why did humans stop living in groups of multiple males? The answer can be found in archaeology. Archaeologists found that humans first invented farming after the end of the last ice age, 13,000 years go. When people started farming, they no longer live  nomadic hunter gathering lifestyle. There is no longer a need for males to hunt cooperatively nor any need to defend the group against predators, when stronger houses can be built to exclude predators. Lions and tigers cannot get inside a house but they can get inside a tent. So, after farming, a male can support a family and he can also keep his female or females from having sex with other men. Of course, since human females evolved to be promiscuous, it is not so easy to suddenly demand that they be monogamous. After all human females evolved multiple orgasms to encourage them to have sex with multiple partners in quick succession and still enjoy the sex. So, to keep women from having multiple partners, society started promoting monogamy and its virtues, and at the same time, adultery is punished harshly, often by death, all because cuckoldry has to be eliminated. Because male parental care is needed, in exchange for monogamy, males are required to care for his children. Even when a man has divorced his wife, he is required by law to pay child support in most countries. 

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    Because humans are the only animals that ride horses. Therefore, we're the only ones to whom "chivalry" can apply.

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    I suggest that you study cardinals, swans and a few other animals that mate for life.

    Then there are animals like kangaroos and sea horses who have very alternative child bearing methods.

    Then there is the cultural aspect and the societies that practice polyandry come to mind. Not that women are not respected (treated special).

    I just think you base of knowledge is a bit limited.

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