What are some lessons we can learn from this accident? ?


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what are some important lessons we can learn from this crash

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    3 weeks ago
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    A whole pile of things.

    Don't plan on the weather getting better.  Lots of times it will not improve on a timely fashion or it might even deteriorate.  You shouldn't fly with any weather in the forecast beyond your personal limitations, and for a 600 hour private pilot flying single pilot in an unpressurized piston single with no anti-ice it shouldn't be anything under 800 OVC and 2 miles.

    Have a backup plan.  And a backup backup plan.  An alternate is just the bare legal minimum.  A highly serviced airport with a precision approach radar should always be in your back pocket should things go sour.

    Commit to an action and don't deviate or change until you've carried it through.  An approach might be sloppy, but fly the whole thing to the missed approach.  Even if you are high and off profile, you might break out and be able to circle visually.  Starting but not committing wastes time, energy, and fuel.

    Fuel status.  Fuel is time in tanks.  You should know how much time you have left.  And like the video said, you should keep a minimum of one hour.  Then ask for priority, then declare an emergency.

    Unfortunately, this type of accident often befalls doctors and other professionals.  The common ingredients are:

    -A high performance light aircraft that is IFR capable.

    -A demanding profession where motivation and drive makes you successful, but can be deadly when applied to aviation.

    -A full life outside of aviation which makes gaining necessary experience for effective pilot decision making and maintaining safe--rather than just legal--currency almost impossible.

    -A schedule or timetable to meet.

    -A weather system, equipment failure, or other dynamic situation that combines all of the previous ingredients into a deadly concoction.

    I have hundreds upon hundreds of hours of actual IMC and I wouldn't even consider going out in that weather in a plane like that.

    My personal plane is VFR for that reason.  Light aircraft are a frivolity and only a practical and reliable form of transportation at great risk to the occupants.  Let the professionals fly you for a fraction of the cost and fraction of the time.

    Source(s): 5000TT ATP
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    3 weeks ago

    maybe how to stop it from happening again

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