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Is this guy really high functioning autistic or a narcissitc/sociopath?

Sometimes he seems to be good at lying, people say hes full of ****, sometimes makes stuff up about himself or stuff to make him seem more intelligent. He can be socially awkward but can also come across as a socially smart con artist, like 2 personalities. Also he isolates himself and spends alot of time on the computer. He was diagnosed HFA recently. He is 30, also diagnosed bipolar with delusions. He didnt feel bad or think it was wrong to try to have sex with me while I was trying to sleep and said no several times. He put me in a dangerous situation and when I try to talk about my feelings he just said "oh u were fine" And said I made no logical sense. Then he bruised me up and said "I didnt abuse u, I hate guys who abuse girls." He's very passionate talking about helping and making a better society in general but when it comes to the individual person he "loves" he seems to have no empathy. When people dont agree with him he says they are attacking him and that they dont make sense. Then whatever he does to people he turns it around on them and calls them abusive. Hes a gaslighter to the extreme. People say hes self deceived and not self aware. Others thinks hes a psychopath. Maybe he's an autistic psychopath if that's possible, or just the wrong diagnoses all together. 

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    He seems like a real winner.

    He seems to be a narcissist

    and bi-polar.

  • Chad
    Lv 4
    4 weeks ago

    Man, this guy almost sounds just like me.

    In all honesty, he probably is both (autistic and suffers from some sort of personality disorder).

    You talk of abuse but you are still with him. I take it you care about him?

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