My internet keeps dropping  (rcn with arris cmb8200 modem) whenever I try to setup my wifi extender (netgear wifi extender)?

can anyone help me out with this? I literally have no idea why this is happening, I’ve been using the wifi extender for my ps4 for about a month with a few problems but nothing major. Now whenever I try to extend my wifi i can’t access anything, it’s like everything shuts down when I introduce the modem to the extender

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    The extender needs to have a different SSID than the router.  You either connect to the extender or the main router.  If both use the same SSID devices get confused.  

    Make sure you don't have any IP address conflicts.  I'd suggest you set up your extender to use a static IP address.  Make sure the router doesn't try to assign the extenders IP address to a device.  You do that by blocking the ability for the router to assign the IP address of the extender.With most routers you can set the address where you start assigning dynamic address.  Let's assume your router has IP address Then you want to manually assign the extender  Then you want to set up the DHCP server on the router to start assigning addresses at

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