My partner and I are moving to a bad area?

So, recently my partner and I decided to move out of home together.  We found a cute granny flat, newly renovated for rent and jumped at the opportunity. We got so excited we didn't think to research to much on the area and now its a week before move in day and my parents have really gotten in my head. We have always grown up in middle class suburbia but we are surrounded by what you would call bad areas. For the most part I've found none of them are really that bad but we've also never lived in one. The granny flat is fairly secluded and we have been told that we are in the 'good part' of the bad area. It is ultimately considered bad because of a higher crime rate and drug population. We have been to see the property a few times and even checked out the surrounding area and it all seemed okay, my parents are concerned understandably about the safety of the area but it has also taken a lot of the enjoyment out of being independent. I know I need to be more careful and alert and I probably wouldn't want to be wandering the streets alone at night but I think I'll be okay. Does anyone have any experiences of bad areas that aren't that bad to live to put my mind at ease?

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  • G R
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    Bad things don't just happen at night.  Rapes, assaults, burglaries.... cars being broken into and stolen happen 24/7.

    If you haven't signed a lease then don't move there.  I remember what it was like to move out for the first time and be independent it was exciting, but you need to slow down and think things through.  

  • 4 months ago

    Sure - don't write it off as 'bad'. As you said you've already found; most aren't that bad at all. 

  • 4 months ago

    I live in an apartment building and that building isn't bad, but there is another apartment building behind mine that is bad. I am always with someone if I would walk or go somewhere, but I don't even worry about it because I have a lot of friends in my apartment building, friends that I went to school with, and family members and I don't associate with any of them behind my building, so it doesn't really affect me. 

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