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Where are there free public boarding schools?

I cant afford a 3 bedroom apartment for me and my kids, section 8 is closed..   Do my next option is to send the kids to boarding school and I get a little run down efficiency for myself


There is NOWHERE else for us to go aside from the crappy situation we are currently in.

I HAVE schooling lined up, but I need OUT of my current situation to make that happen!

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  • drip
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    4 weeks ago

    There are a free public boarding schools in the USA. But they are specific. For The Arts or math and science. Students would be auditioned or are exceptional in an area. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Boarding schools are not free, anywhere.  In fact, most of them are very costly.  Can the kids live with their father?  Is there a relative who will take them in?  But that won't likely happen on a permanent basis.  What would likely happen is that they would only do it temporarily.  Over time, they would love the kids and want to adopt them, and you would lose them for your failure to provide for them, which is your responsibility as a parent.  If the father died, without life insurance, then get a better job.  If you don't qualify for a better job, either get educated to get a better job or move to where housing is cheap and where you can find a job and find housing that you can pay for.  You know, you were not suddenly thrown into your situation, were you?  You saw it coming and you waited until the situation was drastic.  In that regard, I don't think anyone has a great answer for you.  You do the best you can and if it isn't good enough, then you ask for help - ask a relative to take the kids, or one or two of them. 

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