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Weird headaches - should I be worried about tumor/aneurysm?

I've been having a strange headache for almost a week now - it's like a mild constant pain but only at a specific point in my head (in the upper back right side of my head). I'm 26 years old and I've never had common headaches before; even when I did, they were like the usual tension headaches, on the forehead area or all head in general. I currently don't have any other symptoms, but I've done some googling and now I can't stop thinking about all the serious things it could be, like tumor or aneurysm.. Because of the current situation in my country I cannot make a test for that anytime soon unless it's an emergency.. So maybe someone could give me any advice if it's something I should be too worried about? Is it normal to have pain only at one point?

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  • kelvin
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    4 weeks ago

    it is none of the above

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