Is it okay for an NCO to yell at a soldier for this? ?

Say for example an NCO informed a soldier that formation was for 0800 the next day. The soldier acknowledged it and went on with his day. The next day, while the soldier wakes up at 0700, he gets a call from that same NCO yelling at him asking why he isn't at formation when he was specifically told 0800. Formation was pushed an hour early and this information was not pushed down to that soldier. Is he at fault or the nco? 

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    Follow the chain of command. A corporal could have told a private, or a sergeant major could have told a master sergeant. Somebody dropped the ball and it's only half their fault. We don't know who daheff changed the plan and getting yelled at is just like breathing in the military. You learn to watch what you know and search for what you don't know. Soldiers don't go holding each others' hand, so suck it up and quit crying for you momma.

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