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What is your opinion of these wrestlers that aren't talked about as much, here?

Johnny Stamboli


Vito LoGrasso

Charlie Haas

Gene Snitsky

Mark Jindrak

Lance Cade

Trevor Murdoch



Perry Saturn

Chuck Palumbo


Stevie Ray

Rick Steiner

Jake Roberts

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    Johnny Stamboli: Stamboli's not a bad wrestler that I wish had gotten a better shake outside of WCW.  His Muta inspired Rellik/Redrum gimmick did nothing for me though.

    Vampiro: Horrible wrestler, horrible talker, horrible liar and politician, but great look.

    Vito LoGrasso: Big Vito wasn't bad.  He wasn't great, but also not bad.  Would've loved to have seen what WCW had done with them if it had continued existence.  His stuff with the dress never landed with me though.

    Charlie Haas: A good hand and a great tag specialist.

    Gene Snitsky: I always wanted to like Snitsky, but he was just a big man with minimal big man skills, a grody look and a horrible gimmick.

    Mark Jindrak: I like Jindrak and wished he would've gotten a shot in a stable like Evolution like what was originally planned before they went with Orton instead.  Jindrak did well in Mexico, and still does well to this day I guess.

    Lance Cade: I liked Lance as well.  He and Jindrak were a fairly decent tag team for a cup of coffee.

    Trevor Murdoch: Trevor was just born too late.

    Asya: No opinion on her.  She wasn't a wrestler and was there to mock/knock off Chyna's gimmick.

    Midnight: Midnight was a valet right? I don't know much about her.

    Perry Saturn: Great wrestler, great look (save the whole cross-eyed thing).  He's had a very enigmatic existence outside of wrestling though.

    Chuck Palumbo: I like Chuck and pretty much cut and paste what I said about every other post-WCW guy

    Stevie Ray: Stevie Ray sucked.

    Rick Steiner: I liked Rick, but WCW didn't know what to do with him as a single

    Jake Roberts: Jake should've held world gold.  He was that good.

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