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how are Polish people similar /different to German people? why this is?


do Polish people historically like German people? and vice versa? why?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    If you look at the history of that area of Europe, you'll see that the national boundaries shifted many times over the past 200-300 years. In the mid 1850s, there was a huge area called Greater Poland that encompassed many of the current countries. Current boundaries were still changed after the two world wars, and after the dissolution of the USSR. So the people in that area do have common ancestors. There's still considerable diversity in the languages spoken in those areas, too- language boundaries do not necessarily correspond with geographic boundaries. 

    Since both Poland and East Germany were part of the USSR, and the people there were much poorer than those in West Germany, you'll find more similarities among the Polish and people in what used to be East Germany. 

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