What will happen if I kept a movie from Redbox?

If I changed credit card numbers and if I didn't use my e-mail address then kept the dvd where Redbox has no idea who rented that dvd, how will they find out? What will happen? Also how will Redbox know if a dvd was returned? Does the barcode on the dvd have that information? Anyone could change their credit card number and keep the dvd where Redbox won't be able to charge you the late fees since the card will bounce back. What if this happens? Will they be able to track you for stealing dvds?

2 Answers

  • 4 weeks ago

    In less they changed their policies any time soon, I am pretty sure that your credit card, will keep being charged for another one, for so long and then eventually it is yours to keep as they will then charge you full price on it. I don't know if Redbox employees know, in less they somehow get in contact  with your bank, and then inform them that you changed your credit card number. You have to return the movie to a bis location, with the same credit card, and somehow the fees will end at that point. But i am sure Redbox always tries ot make sure that each locations has enough copies of a movie. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Those late fees will keep adding up and be on your credit report which can affect everything from getting a loan to getting a house

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