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Wife was abused as a child please help?

Her parents were abusive to her emotionally physically verbally and mentally her brother would slap her belittle her and yell at her her sister would bully her all the time and she was also bullied a lot in high school we met when I was 17 and she was 16 and we also started dating and when she was 18 I let her move in with me and my family I came from a loving traditional family that accepted her with open arms then when I was 25 and she was 24 we moved out of my parents house and move 9000 miles away so that we don’t have to see my wife’s family and we got married when I was 27 and my wife was 26 and we have been married for 45 years we have our own children and grandchildren but she still breaks down and cries about her parents not loving her during her entire childhood she will remember then BAM!!! get depressed again it wounded her very deep and she never moved on or healed from the abuse I suggested her to seek counseling but it didn’t work and I suggested her to see church but she has a distant relationship with god 

What can I do to help her get over her childhood 


Her brother and sister had died from leukemia and her dad died from old age her mother lives alone in a trailer in Florida a lonely old bitter women let her wallow in her hatred all that she wants too 

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    There is nothing that you can do. If she was abused, that is going to haunt her until the day she dies. Crying provides momentary comfort...just hold her and love her.

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  • Anonymous
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    Poor woman. I hope she can get the help she needs. I understand her. I was verbal abused as a child by my mother 

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    Not a darn thing. Your wife has chosen this wound and holds it dear to her heart. There isn't a darn thing you can do about it. 

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    You've done very good sever abuse is difficult to forget and she is sure to get over it as she knows she is better with you than she was with her family.

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