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Could my husband of two years be a potential CHEATER and cheat on me? He has a lot of women friends on instagram and they do follow him.?

I noticed one day that he had said to this woman that she was cute and so was her friend and that she should befriend him on instagram. I questioned it and he said there was nothing to it and that he loved me. He just thought she was cute but nothing more. I do know that he left his first wife to be with another woman. He had been with several women before he met me.  I guess I hit the jackpot and must have been the best woman he has dated so far. I try not to get jealous about the women he follows on instagram and how he finds them attractive.He does let them know. He treats me really well, is very kind and giving and I guess, that is what is most important. I know he loves me as he says it all the time. I guess I am just jealous that he finds other women attractive. But, I just hope that he doesn't cheat on me. He did cheat on his first wife but he says that she was not a nice person and didn't treat him well. I guess he has every reason to leave her and divorce her. What do you think? Do you think he could cheat on me or, because he loves me, will respect me enough not to?

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    If he is human and is still breathing then he is a potential cheater.  As indeed are you.  People of both sexes can get swept up by emotions.  The more they deny that it could happen the less they are able to defend themselves. "There but for the grace of God ....... "

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    Of course.  You were naïve to believe you can change a known cheater.  That being said, not all people who have cheated will make the same mistake again.  Some learn (mature) from the first mistake.  And, following other women on social media doesn't mean he is trying to have sex with them, just as following guys on yours doesn't mean you are trying to hook up with them.  So, don't convict him of something he hasn't done.  That distrust you apparently already have will slowly but surely destroy your relationship.

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    4 weeks ago

    Pray to GOD about this. For we do not know what he is thinking and doing. 

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