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Movies about New York: what movies show your favorite places in New York and what places in New York city would you recommend for living?

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    I wouldn't live there. it is a disgusting place, full of the most disgusting rude creatures I've ever met. the place is over priced. the place literally stinks day and night of s**t and there's just always someone waiting to take your money. avoid new york city at all costs and be blessed in the knowledge that you dont live there. whatever it is people like about the aesthetic of new york is completely delusional and stupid. it is a cesspool

    Source(s): ive been to new york and it is vile
  • 3 weeks ago

    Juice shows new york city i wanted

    I asked someone if i could live over there, they said No.

    I come from the opposite coast, and i was recommend not to live over there.

    Because those can be some really rude people ???

    That's what i thought, is that they would be rude.

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