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What do I do?

My sister keeps looking through my phone and my messages on my phone. Now she told my mother all of my business and about my messages with this guy, and they keep calling me names and being rude to me over me talking to a guy. What do I do? everytime I defend myself, they start screaming at me & call me every name under the sun, I'm 19 by the way.


I did and she still looks through my phone because she keeps finding out my passcode. She keeps purposely looking through my messages with this guy, and then she makes fun of me just for talking to someone.

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    You have to delete your messages with this guy every time you end a conversation. It sounds like your sister and mother are jealous of you, how pathetic. 

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    4 weeks ago

    Make sure everything gets erased right away. why is your phone unlocked so they can see whats in your phone.

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    set up passcode on ur phone, so she doesn't look through ur phone.

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