Cornavirus ?

Hi , I am a single mom of 3 boys & i was wondering if i was to catch the cornavirus would i still be able to care for my kids ? . I don't really have the help i would need to watch my kids while i would quarantine for 2 weeks. My niece came by yesterday & i met her outside while my boys played in their rooms & she didn't tell me she didn't feel well until i already gave her a hug & now today i developed a sore throat. I plan on going to get tested & im so scared i will test positive my anxiety is thru the roof. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Sorry to hear that. The odds vary from about 6%-20% chance of having it based on the general statistics out there of cold areas vs hot areas (20%). 

    The newer statistics show that 40% of people who are infected might not show any symptoms. 

    My own personal belief is that people showing symptoms have a concentration of virus that is much higher thus show symptoms and they tend to infect others more readily than if the person were to be asymptomatic. Symptomatic people who might cough or sneeze would spread it more because of a higher viral load and they are coughing and sneezing. Asymptomatic people can still transmit it but the chances are lower. 

    With regards to risk assessment one of the first questions that they will ask you is if you have been around anyone that are known to be positive. If you answer no then your risk is lower compared to one that has been.

    Disease severity differs greatly as mentioned earlier 40% of people who are positive never knew that they were positive and don't seem to develop symptoms down the road. Others tend to express mild symptoms while only a small number suffer severely enough to be hospitalized.

    The elderly, high blood pressure and diabetics are still the most severely impacted. More recently a few younger people have been hit with severe disease but that is still not the majority of the cases. 

    If you are positive the course can not be predicted but don't panic. Most people with symptoms going to hospitals are still not testing positive so just because you may become sick doesn't mean you have COVID. They look at the clinical picture and history and if indicated other laboratory tests like X-rays or CAT scans in addition to the COVID test if indicated. COVID testing alone can be done with a doctors referral or some cities, counties or states have systems that can deal with COVID testing. For outpatients keep in mind that the test is taking up to a week and one isolates until the results. 

    Good luck. 

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