Best tracker for your luggage?

A few years ago, my wife's luggage went missing when we arrived at the airport while going overseas for a vacation. It almost ruined our trip and she did not get her luggage back until three days into the trip. I want to avoid this happening again in the future. Does anyone recommend a tracker you can put in your luggage in case it is lost so you can find it? The one I was looking at is Tile Mate. 

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  • 3 months ago

    If her luggage got lost in transit, looking at the details of Tile Mate, it is only useful up to a range of 60ft, or where it last transmitted, so that is not going to help if it is jetting off on the wrong plane or left behind.  You are better off splitting your packing between both sets of luggage so you both have items in each.  Make sure that The luggage is labelled with your name and destination (I usually put my email address on there too). Put details inside the luggage so that if everything on the outside comes off, there is still a means of identifying it.  Use coloured straps or something on the outside which makes it look different from everyone else. When checking in, make sure that the label put on by the airline has the right flight details on it.  Take a photo of your luggage and add your details and dimensions so that if it does get lost, you can hand it to the airline so they know exactly what they are looking for.

    Very little gets lost nowadays, so you would be unlucky if it happened again.

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