Is it possible for me to learn writing like a native speaker in one year if I become an intermediate in English in 3 years? ?

I was in some kind of basic level. Now I read books one after another. If I will immerse in English though closing myself for tree month in my room with the Internet, will I manage to be close to native's level? 

I am a talented person.

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    1 month ago
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    It's highly unlikely.  English has so many quirks, irregularities and subtleties that make it challenging for non-native speakers to learn even after many years. To demonstrate what I mean, I can correct the errors in your question:

    1)  "Is it possible for me to learn writing like a native speaker ..." should be " write...", not "writing".  It requires the infinitive, not the gerund (-ing) form. 

    2)  "If I will immerse in English..." is wrong.  "If I immerse myself...", is what you mean, not "if I WILL immerse".  This is a *very* common mistake that non-native speakers make.  I hear it ALL the time, and it's wrong. "If" makes it *conditional*, a hypothetical scenario that might happen – which by definition places it in the future – so it's wrong to use "will".

    "if" and "will" CAN be used together, but it would mean something quite different.

    3)  "by closing" not "through closing" (you actually wrote "though" instead of "thRough", which I assume was a typo), and it's "three" not "tree".

    4)  "months" not "month" ("three months")

    5)  Back to the first sentence, it should be "If I immerse MYSELF in English...", not "if I immerse in English".  This has to do with transitive & intransitive verbs. Certain verbs require a direct object, some do not.  "immerse" requires a direct object.

    Those are the major mistakes.  This isn't to say that your English is bad; you managed to express yourself quite well regardless. But English isn't as easy to learn as many people assume it to be.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Depends what you consider close. My mom has spoken French for nearly 60 years yet 

    still makes mistakes. Native speakers like myself understand her perfectly well though.

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