Why was the Xbox 360 so prone to failure??

Seriously, you wouldn't even have one for a week and it would melt itself. Some of my friends have gone through two or three red rings... There's no way no one noticed any of this during the development of the console because the people who made this thing had to have been the ones testing it...

Why would they EVER allow something like this to get released to the public?! I heard Microsoft lost around 1 billion dollars just from fixing people's defective devices!

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  • CrazyD
    Lv 4
    4 weeks ago

    Hi, It was prone to failure because Microsoft didnt realise how much heat the Xbox360 would measure on their first few batches.

    They resolved the problem later on, but basically what happened is that the heat sinks to draw heat away from the processors were not good enough. They didnt realise how DVD's could be dual layer or in the case of GTA:SA triple layer DVD which put an extreme pressure of heat over their heatsinks which for the first few batches of Xbox360's it wasnt enough. It was first primarily designed for single layer DVD games and they didnt realise that the propriety laser hardware they chose could read double/triple layer DVD's and when games started doing that it overwhelmed the system.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Probably, Micorsoft decided to take a risk.

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