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French help with conjugations ?

The word in the parenthesis () is the word that needs to be conjugated to fill in the blank. Thank you for helping! 

1) Je veux que vous ________ à l’heure. (être)

2) Nous doutons qu’elles ________ leurs devoirs. (faire)

3) Il faut que tu ________ de l’eau. (boire)

4) Il est bon que nous ________ en vacances. (aller)

5) Elles aimeraient que leurs maris ________ le déjeuner avec elles. (prendre)

6) Tu es jaloux que j’ ________ une villa à St. Tropez. (avoir)

7) Il faut qu’on ________ des draps. (apporter)

8) Nous voulons que vous ________ l’escalier. (descendre)

9) Les parents veulent que leur fille ________ d’aller à l’université (choisir)

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    4 weeks ago

    Open your textbook.  The answers are in there.

  • 4 weeks ago

    This is very clearly an exercise in the use of the subjunctive. if anybody actually supplies you with the necessary verbs, they are not actually helping you to learn. AND there is always the risk that they may give you wrong answers, either by accident or - as sometimes happens here - deliberately.

    As Tangi says,you can find conjugation tables  in your grammar book.

  • Tangi
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    4 weeks ago

    You simply have to conjugate those verbs in the subjonctif présent according to the subject.

    If you're learning French in school, you have tables of conjugation in your textbook or your teacher gave you one.

    If not, you can simply look for the tables of conjugation on the internet, they are very easy to find.

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