What job to do now?

Hello guys,  I was thinking about this today. Right now Im laid off, I was thinking not to go back to my old job once laid off is over. Reason are many they expect to much and take advantage of us worker. To much work for little workers, they assign 3 people job only for one persone. Missing almost evrething yet they expect you to fix it, basacly your a slave. They only give you two days off, if You ask for a extra day off, they laugh at me and ignore my request. I was thinking to go for a new job but I would like to go for something alot less physical. What job To do? I feel like magiorty of work in canada are all babarain physical and slavery and take advantage of you. A good examble from my old work was I was not done my work because the task assigned for was to much for one persone yet they force you to stay overtime and complete it, If ignored letter and letter than fired.

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