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what is the best way to administer a suppository when your have pain?

i i have chronic pain in my back and now my shoulder and the pain got so bad last night i puked, i went to take my tylenol at bedtime so i could sleep but the pill was to big and i could not swallow it so i decided to take a tylenol suppository this morning for pain control so i could get stuff done.  i can't take it while on left side as it is left shoulder that hurts and i cant do it on my back either due to pain.  so i was wondering what other positions would be ok for me to use to take the suppository that would not create any pain for me.  i did it today while on my back and it hurt my back to do it.  my one friend told me that if i ever needed a suppository for pain that he would prefer i get it over someone's lap that way i will not hurt my back and now my shoulder.  i told him i liked his thinking on that and would totally do it but i have no one to help me, i do not have someone's lap to lay over.  so what position is best to administer a suppository when i am in pain  P.S. tylenol suppositories work way better at controlling my pain then oral tylenol does and it gets rid of the pain faster for me as well.

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  • Nicey8
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    2 months ago

    hello. you may see a chiropractor. The tylenol has many side effects.

  • 2 months ago

    Thats something I dont know I could ever do.

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