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Why do his friends keep requesting me? It was a one time thing.?

So I Just quit a job I had for over a year almost 2 months ago. With that being said, I met a guy I apparently went to high school with but never knew him there despite him being fairly popular. He only worked on weekend mornings so that’s when I would see him, but he ended up being really sweet and goal oriented. So, he broke up with his girlfriend of 2 years a few months ago & was completely heartbroken. Word going around was she cheated on him. So when I quit, we added each other on all social media and started talking every day. He would always ask to hang out alone & I somehow would always unknowingly make it a group hang out because I was completely oblivious at the fact that he was in fact flirting with me. We started hanging out every weekend. Eventually it ended up leading to a make out session once we did get alone. After that we never spoke much about it. We just continued being friends & agreed it was a one time thing. He wasn’t looking for anything because he had just gotten out of that relationship and I just wanted to focus on school for the summer without distractions as I dropped out previously over a guy (stupid decision! I know.). About 2 weeks later, I started to notice he was being distant. Out of nowhere, his ex requested me on Instagram,and unrequested me twice. I always had the feeling he would go back but I always told him I would support him as a friend no matter what. I had never met his ex. I barely knew her name and we only had 2 mutual followers.


About 2 weeks ago, we both went camping separately (I went with my family and I think he went with his friends including her as they were still in the same friend group). I didn’t think much of it until I came back and found out he unadded me on Snapchat but had me on everything else for some reason.

Update 2:

I just assumed he got back with his ex, told her about our little make out and she didn’t want him to talk to me anymore, but since then 2 other people from their friend group have requested to follow me on Instagram. I already had one of them who followed me for years so if his ex was trying to spy why didn’t she just do that through her account.

Update 3:

Like I don’t know what to even think about it. I really wanted to not give it much thought as I thought it was a one time thing and everything was over between us in general but their friends keep appearing . Thoughts??

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    maybe they like you

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