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Is Cardwell correct? How will the court rule? Why?

Cardwell owns Trafficworld, which sells traffic lights throughout the United States. Trafficworld’s Massachusetts office sold traffic lights to Mary Lou, a Connecticut resident, for $1250. There was no agreement as to risk of loss. Trafficworld gave the traffic lights to a carrier in Massachusetts who delivered the light to Mary Lou in Connecticut. The state of Connecticut brought an action against Cardwell in a Connecticut state court, charging in part a violation of a state statute that prohibited the sale of traffic lights to private owners. Cardwell contended in part that the statute did not apply because the sale to Mar Lou involved a shipment contract that was formed outside the state.

Fyi I would just like your thoughts on this not a full essay. Yes this is homework help so please leave the whole "I'm not doing your homework" crap out of it. Either be nice and help or move tf on. Thank you!

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