....do software updates actually fix issues on a clean laptop; including hardware?

I bought my Acer Laptop (Google Chromebook) 3 years ago; it's continued to work fine all this time with the exception for two problems. I've come to the conclusion that the periodic software updates it's gotten over time have fixed those problems that came up without me doing anything. The first was when I installed an "app" that apparently was made for cellphones; on my laptop which caused it to display system error message before allowing me to continue onto the desktop. Eventually that went away when I decided to get rid of (delete) the app. The second was what most people experience; a disappearing on-screen cursor. While it's supposed to disappear when you start typing in a character field; it's also supposed to "reappear" when you move your mouse; specifically on a laptop where you mouse is the touch pad below the keyboard display. Yes. I tried the solution on the internet gives about drumming your fingers on the touch pad but that didn't work; not immediately or the several times after that. I didn't find immediate solutions when I went into the system settings and fooled around with various advanced settings. Then after about a couple of weeks; presto changeo. I don't experience any problems. Updates. Apparently the right one fixed both problems. I also -assume- when I used that "send the troubleshooting problem to Google" feature someone actually was on the other end of the line; answered my message; sent an update and fixed my problems. But is it really that easy? 

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  • keerok
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    If it works, why fix it? That's one reason I hate updates. They take too much time and space. Resetting will revert to the old version which may get the laptop working perfectly but since the computing world is all about staying as current as possible, old OS versions may not be allowed to install recent apps. You will have to assess yourself what's good for you.

  • 4 weeks ago

    It is a good chance they do fix the issue s

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