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Do I have any STD's?

Just today I saw that I had released some thick white discharge. In total, I've only had sex 2 times both with a condom. I do feel some burning when urinating and some pain but I don't know if that's due to my ovarian cysts. I had sex yesterday and Wednesday. I am 16 and I know that my boyfriend does not have any STD's. Can I have some advice please in what I can do or if this really is any STD?

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    Thick white discharge is common. However, if it looks cottage-cheesy and you also experience itching and irritation, you could have a yeast infection.  Urine could cause a burning feeling if your vaginal mucosa were irritated by a yeast infection.

    If you "know" your boyfriend doesn't have an STD, where do you think you could have gotten one?

    If you have never had a yeast infection before, see a doctor for a test.  You can use an OTC cream like Monistat to cure one, but I don't find the creams very effective, and they can cause even MORE irritation.  The oral, one-dose anti-fungal pill a doctor can prescribe is much the best route to a cure.

    If you don't have a yeast infection, just get used to the fact that sometimes vaginal discharge is thick and white.  Should it change color or develop an unusual, unpleasant smell or strange consistency (if it's thin and copious, for example), you might have some real problem going on.

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