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Can a 16 year old boy and 17 year old girl keep their baby?

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    Yea, but make sure youre ready. Sometimes its more selfish to keep the child than it is to let it go. Babies never stay in foster care for long and will be adopted by hopefully a loving family very quickly. Sometimes you can even choose to stay in contact. Sometimes teen parents can be good parents. Think hard about it, and overall dont plan a teen pregnancy. 

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    If they are ready, yes. There are times when they used to be ready at that age and in other cultures they still are.

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    Not only can, but should. As soon as the child is conceived, it is already a new life which it's parents have responsibilities towards. However, if there were really serious reasons why they couldn't keep custody of their child then they could consider putting it up for adoption,  

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    A matter for the Juvenile Court. And, the State Legislature.

    Generally, the (birthing) children must be emancipated. To have a supporting income and dwelling. Otherwise the Social Survives will give the child to Adult relative, or Foster Parents.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Only if they can prove that they can support it.

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