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How to get an entry level IT job?

I have no degree and I'm 20. I'm considering going for the comptia a+ and network+ but will it help me get a job or would it be a waste of my time. 

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    I was computer savvy, the boss just appointed me fro the staff. Cheaper than hiring a new person.

    So, just hired and show off by doing. College Degrees are over rated, just to keep the money flowing into educational facilities. (Try community College)

    Requirement for Degrees is a RACIST deal. When the EEOC laws were passed.

    It started when to deny a person employment (after EEOC) the only acceptable excuse was to require a High School diploma. When HSD and GED became popular the RACIST employers bumped the requirement up to College, then a full College Degree.

    Deceptive Advertising; "A college graduate will earn more [over a lifetime] than a non-graduate". Spend much of the Degree finding a proper job and paying off Student Loans.

    If you are looking for fast money, taking up a Trade is the way to  go.

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    Taught Comptia A+, Network+, Programming/Systems and Web Design,  Ethical Hacking and higher at two different training institutes. Our graduate hiring rate was over 80%, and sometimes well over 95% within three months of completion of the courses.

    That's better than most degree courses could manage, and we did it consistently (I was in that business for more than 15 years). Ages ranged from 18 to 30, with the "lower level" courses taking varied times, from three months (Comptia A+) to two years (Level 7).

    More importantly, our graduates tended to stay in their first companies for more than three years and move into management positions.

    So, a good institute is a great investment in your future and career in IT. But the end result is up to you and how you can present yourself. Our courses (at both institutes) incorporated soft skills (presentation, how to dress, resume writing, etc.) to make the best of your knowledge and skills

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