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My female turtle laid 8 clutches/42 eggs&dont know if fertilized (its possible). 1st clutch/5 eggs been in ground 80 days. Should I dig up?

A yr ago I found 2turtles (1male&1female) abandoned in my yard in a cooler!. I "think" theyre Yellow Sliders. We built them a pond&have been learning as we go. Re: eggs weve left them alone so far other than caging off the 8 spots. We dont know if he had any luck with her, but hes always trying. Any advice appreciated? Tried 2upload photo of them, but said try later, so changed my acct icon pic 2them.


Id also like 2know when will she stop&how often is she going 2do this bcuz if they are fertilized I dont know what to do with that many turtles.

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    Not unless you want to kill them. Wait until the fall. As far as what to do with them, you could let them restock the nearest ponds, provided that you live within the natural range of the yellow-bellied turtle. Otherwise, you would be introducing a pest species. Depending on state and local laws, you might be able to sell the young turtles.

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    If you dig them up be careful to not rotate them because that would kill them. 80 days is not too long for reptile eggs. You can incubate themselves using a plastic box  just make sure you make a dent in the incubation medium so that you can place each egg in the depression to keep them from rotating. A mixture of water and vermiculite would work.  When you move them from the hole to the box, make sure you do not rotate them If there are dents in the egg then you need to add some bottled water to the incubation medium. Keep the eggs at around 85-90 deg. F but never expose them to temperature above 95 deg. F.

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