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younger sister used my underage id and got caught with alcohol?

My sister took my real ID (I am under 21) to get into an 18+ club. She got caught by the police with alcohol in the car (she was not driving) and was given a citation for possession of alcohol by a minor with orders to attend an alcohol education class. She gave the police my ID and so the citation is under my name.

What should I do? Will this citation/charge be on my permanent record? I don't want her to be in trouble if the charge goes away after she attends the class (in my name), but if this will be on my permanent record, what steps should I take?

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  • Bruce
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    Your options are to report her to the department that issued the ticket, to convince her to report it, or to ignore it.If it is reported, she can expect another ticket for obstructing. If it isn't reported, you run the risk of being charged for allowing her to do it. 

    If she was fingerprinted, there will be a permanent record of the arrest even if the charge is dismissed.  If it is ever discovered, you will have her name as an alias and she will have yours. Alias names can raise suspicion during a background check. 

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    Your story is BS.

    If it were true, you would have exactly 2 choices.

    1. Turn her in for stealing your ID.

    2. Effectively confess to the charges.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You should talk to your parents about the best course of action.  

  • Anonymous
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    A ticket is the same as a citation.  Tickets are given based on experience with people showing up for hearings.  Instead of issuing a ticket/citation she could have been arrested.  Ask any attorney.

    Yes, this is on your permanent record.  No, nothing "goes away" automatically.  If you are complicit in her lying about her identity, pretending to be you, that's a felony for YOU as well as a felony for HER.

    That charge will ALWAYS be on your record and will ALWAYS appear on a background check.

    I question whether you knew she was using your ID.  If you did, AGAIN, that's a felony.  I am in disbelief that you intend to continue the masquerade by allowing her to use your ID to attend "the class."  I don't know which of you is the more foolish.

    Your parents must be so proud!

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  • xyzzy
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    The charge will not "go away".  You now have a police record. You need to handle the problem right away.

  • Maxi
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    Your sister didn't care you got in trouble, so she needs reporting as of course it is on your record, YOU got a police citation, not her YOU

  • You need to make your  sister be honest. You need to be honest too. Did she really  take it? Bring it to your parents attention.

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