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Trump has a higher approval rating than Obama and Bush at the same point in their presidencies?

President Donald Trump enjoyed his highest Gallup approval rating on May 13. Trump's 49 percent approval rating is better than four of the last six presidents at the same time during their presidencies.

Americans are now rallying for Trump in record numbers, reality has set in,

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    Two of those 6 (Carter and the first Bush) weren't reelected, and one (the second Bush) was reelected only because of 9/11.  That leaves Reagan, who was probably one of the two with higher ratings, Clinton, and Obama.  So, based on your criteria, he'll win if he becomes a Democrat or there's another 9/11, but his ratings are too low to be reelected as a Republican without another 9/11.

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    4 weeks ago

    You know that going to the toilet and using your bum wipes as a survey rating tool is not convincing for the rest of the world, though it is seemingly good enough for single digit IQ you?

  • Ian
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    4 weeks ago

    According to...OANN?

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