My mom choked on spicy food, I didn't know what to do?

My mom choked while eating spicy food. She couldn't breathe at all as if her windpipe had shut closed. She eats spicy food all the time but there are the odd times she will "choke" and start coughing and sneezing. I told her to stop eating spicy food, this last experience was traumatizing because its not like she had food stuck in her throat. She just suddenly could not breathe while eating. She tried to drink water and still couldn't breathe in. My dad tried slapping her back etc but nothing helped until eventually she started wheezing. By then I was on the phone with 911. She couldn't speak, but she kept wheezing and when I asked her if I should call the ambulance. She signaled no with her hand, I could see the amount of distress in her face it was one of the most scariest things for me, I almost thought she wouldn't make it. She then started coughing a lot then she spoke and said "pepper" it made me really upset but I was almost still shaking from the fact I thought she was gonna pass out. My question is what was causing her to not breathe did the pepper give a late allergic reaction or did she possibly bite into a piece of pepper that gave her body a repulsive response thus closing her throat up? What do I do? I can't use a hymelic maneuver on someone with nothing in their throat?? She's stopped eating spicy foods as it stands but I mean i still want to know what I can do instead of watch her choke..

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    Perhaps she should see a GI doc to make sure there isn’t something else going on

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