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hay so i filed for unemployment on the 5th and my weekly benefit rate was 0 . i got an email saying the regular insurance program is not provided for my category  of work . now i worked for mcdonalds and got 80 sum hours every 2 weeks now they slashed it and its 25 every 2 weeks . so that didnt work . the email also said i might be eligible for the cares act so when i tried to sign up for my weekly benefits it said "The benefit year on your unemployment claim dated 07-05-2020 has expired" . how did it expire if i made the claim 6 days ago? i dont know how this works , help?

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  • 8 months ago
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    How long were you working there before you were laid off?  You don't qualify unless you worked for a full year before being laid off.  The benefit year they are referring to sounds like you hadn't worked for a full benefit year, so you don't qualify.

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