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Why does my lawn mower use SAE 5w-30 and my pressure washer SAE 10w-30?

Aren’t they the same thing pretty much? They both have what feels to me like lawn mower engines on them both? 


My pressure washer uses SAE 10w-30 and my lawn mower SAE 5w-30

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    It has to do with the expected minimum temperature that the engine will operate in.  The oil is thin enough to provide lubrication before the engine gets hot.  Somewhere, your lawnmower engine is used on a snowblower, and needs the 5w oil.  Your pressure washer would always be used at a warmer temperature, so the standard 10w-30 oil is used.  Find an oil temperature chart and look at it. You can use the 10w-30 in your lawn mower.

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    Different engines.  Pressure washer has an additional coolant...the water.

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