Why he lost interest?

I have been hooking up with this guy every week for four months. Great sex, great , fun times together, he’d text me between our hook ups, once even sad he’d love to watch a movie in my charming company, I said yes but I  never followed up . Lately he’s been pulling away, doesn’t text anymore. I fell for him. 

It was my b-day so he texted me a happy birthday and I asked him to celebrate, go for drinks and watch a sunset together 

So he replied with this after 6 hours : 

“With pleasure, as soon as I will be back. I’m travelling for work a lot these days plus it’s my moms birthday on Thursday . 

But let’s do something on the weekend!”

Sounds like excuses,very formal.

The last time we hooked up was two weeks ago. We went to a party. He didn’t stop complimenting me.

A few days after I texted him that I have a day off and I’d love to spend it with him, he said he’d love too but he has to work that day .

So this response kinda sounds the same to me ...

Anyways I responded : «Ok. Next time then “ He replied: “with pleasure “

Few day after it was my b-day. He texted me a happy birthday and I told him Lets celebrate, have wine and watch a sunset together

He texted me back after 6 hours again : « I’m sorry for the delayed reply I’m busy with work, can’t even check my phone and reception here is bad , by the way great pics !«

So hes just trying to be nice ?

It’s a Saturday and I haven’t heard from him .

 I like him and I want more than FWB but seems he’s not interested anymore 

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    4 weeks ago

    Hes prob found another fwb, time to move on 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Wait until you see him again and have a proper conversation for a change.  All this hooking up and just having sex isn't really doing it for you is it.  He sounds OK.  His excuses could be real ones.  You just don't trust men do you.  Give him the benefit of the doubt and then ask what you want when you see him.  Find out if he's interested enough to become exclusive.  If he is - great.  If he's not - carry on being casual.  You won't have lost anything by asking will you.

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